Friday, March 18, 2016

#Colorplayfriday 3/18/2016

Fabrics based on Photo:

Choices from

So I'm a little freaked out seeing these colors together, but I'm usually pleasently suprised at how  color palette choices can come together when applied to a quilt block design.

I think this pattern would work well with these colors:

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  1. Awesome bundle of geometrics! The Dashes fabrics is one of my favorite prints right now.

  2. Great choices! I think they would be excellent in that pattern. :)

  3. What fun fabrics and a great pattern choice, too! I especially love the look of Dashes, Ladder Lines and Flower bed together. I think the Geese in Tomato would add a really fun color pop and visual interest.

  4. That pattern does look like it would work great with you bundle. I'm not usually fond of gray fabrics but I find I like this one. seems like it would be fun to bounce it off that flying geese.

  5. Great job picking out a pattern with the bundle! It would be wonderful!